maton guitars

The guitar is use most is a Maton EBG808TE. The full and rich sound in combination with the transparency is amazing, both acoustic and live.

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mayson guitars

This guitar sounds very bright and tight, which makes it perfect for percussive fingerstyle. To amplify the percussion as well as the strings I’ve installed a K&K Trinity Pro System.

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Rainsong Guitars

Rainsong is one of the few luthiers that makes Carbon-Fibre-Guitars. This particular model is a custom order with number H-WS1100N2 en was delivered without a pick-up. I’ve installed the K&K Trinity Pro System here as well.

Rainsong websiteK&K website
Bulldog Music Gear Stands

The eye-catching design from Bulldog Music Gear is outstanding and completely different from anything I’ve ever seen before.

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