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Winner Rabo Talent Course!

Last year I played my show in Theater De Naald in Naaldwijk. There I was a part of the Rabo Talent Course and the public ranked my show the highest of all the other shows! Amazing!

“Virtuoso”, Unbelievable good” and “a real artist” where some of the reactions from the public.

At 3 september I will play my show again and receive the price. There are also tickets available for this concert:

Mart Hillen Eibergen


Very soon my concerts will start again! 🎸

On the 26th of July I will give 2 concerts in Openluchttheater Eibergen!

Live, in the open air, everybody 1,5 meters apart 🙌

Can’t wait to see you again!


Mart Hillen

Nomination Best Acoustic Guitarist of the Benelux!

Wow! I’ve been nominated for ‘the Best Acoustic Guitarist of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg’! How cool is that!? 😱 Voting for me is very easy:

1. Click this link:
2. Fill in at least 10 categories and at the bottom of the page at ‘Akoestische Gitarist Benelux’ you can click my name 😉
3. Click send ✔️